Get instant visibility to your most used unseen necessity. Air.

C2 detects invisible air and environmental quality variables and levels that affect people’s health, performance, and function. We monitor significant risk factors, including particulate matter of varying micron sizes (PM 1, 2.5, 4, 10), to minimize the risk of infection and viral transmission caused by fine particles entering the bloodstream and causing disease. Additionally, we measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to decrease respiratory complications, allergic reactions, dizziness, headaches, eye and throat irritation, as well as neurotoxic effects that can impair memory and cognitive health.

Measure Indoor Air Quality

We measure for a spectrum of contaminants and saturate the air with ionization to achieve levels of air purity equal to or better than forest and ocean quality, making it safe to gather indoors without worries.

  • The C2 AQaaS program measures your air 1,440 times per day.
  • Track how your indoor air quality performs against established national and international standards.
  • Measure your IAQ outcomes compared to your original baseline.

Dynamic Measurements

Air is a dynamic element. We know this even though we cannot see it. Now you can have that visibility. The CMC Platform measures over 20 air quality and environmental metrics in your target space every minute and reveals them to you. Unlock your air quality score and the specific environmental factors impacting your health and performance.

  • PM 10, 2.5, 1
  • TVOCs
  • Viral Index
  • CO2, O3
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Methane,  Ethanol
  • NO2, SO2
  • Pressure
  • Ammonia
  • Propane, Isobutane
  • Light & Sound

In today's world, where we spend most of our time indoors, monitoring and maintaining good indoor air quality is imperative for a healthy living and working environment.

Dr. Stephanie Taylor, Harvard Medical School