Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions

The Problem

The traditional office and in-person working environments are currently facing scrutiny due to concerns about safety and the well-being of employees. Many individuals hesitate to gather together, fearing the potential risks of airborne contaminants and the possibility of falling ill. It is understandable that these worries exist, as studies have shown that viral transmission through the air is significantly more likely than through surface contact. Thus, it becomes crucial to prioritize the protection and enhancement of the airspace in order to cultivate a working environment that promotes a sense of community, camaraderie, and unique creative collaboration and innovation that can only be experienced when people are in close proximity to one another.


Our Solution

Elevate tenant and employee satisfaction, mitigate sick building syndrome, ensure compliance with regulations, and enhance cognitive performance through the HiPure™ environment offered by C2. Operating within a C2 HiPure™ environment equips your building occupants with the necessary information and resources, as well as premium quality air to help them perform at their highest levels while maintaining optimal health and well-being.


Enhance Cognitive Performance

  • Enhance cognitive function within C2 HiPure™ environments
  • Boost the critical and strategic thinking of company leaders
  • Contribute to better moods and mental health

Eliminate Sick Building Syndrome

  • Reduce employee absenteeism by eliminating unhealthy air
  • Get rid of that “afternoon haze” that inhibits productivity
  • Remove airborne particulate that causes asthma and allergic reactions

Elevate your brand position

  • Make a powerful public statement by investing in employee health
  • Attract talented and health-minded people to to work in your business
  • Establish “Quality of Life” as a priority for members of your organization

Create assurance and trust.

With C2, businesses are empowered to break down walls of fear and uncertainty that cause distance and division among employees. Address the cause of these concerns, the airspace, and bring visibility to the air quality being created in real-time at the office so that employees can experience a boost of confidence that they are able to thrive in a daily environment of side-by-side collaboration and community.

Boost revenue and eliminate expenses.

High levels of carbon dioxide are proven to inhibit cognitive function by as much as 21%, and unhealthy air quality levels inhibit productivity by making occupants sluggish, distracted, or even seriously ill. With C2, your employees operate within HiPure™ environments that increase cognitive function, physical performance, and productivity, which in turn creates a healthier, more efficient business. Boost revenue and eliminate expenses in your organization by fueling your team’s daily performance with AQaaS.

Bring employees back to the office.

With C2, the office experience is no longer bland or even dreaded. Forest-fresh air invigorates the occupants of HiPure™ environments, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for the employees. When they return to the office and encounter enriched air, a vibrant community, and an environment that stimulates top-notch performance, many employees will wonder how they ever lasted so long shut up at home. The office will become a “can’t miss” experience infused with safety, health, community, and energy.

Getting Started Is Easy

Air Quality as a Service (AQaaS) – C2 delivers our comprehensive and dynamic self-improving indoor air quality service to commercial and residential spaces.

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