Canadian Wildfires

Canadian wildfires ravaged 9M+ acres, shrouding the U.S. East Coast in smoke. Disruptions ensued: flight delays, halted Broadway shows, rescheduled MLB games, and suffocating air pollution in homes. New York Governor Kathy Hochul declared it an “emergency crisis.” Amid the crisis, a Morris County resident acted swiftly to safeguard the family from worsened asthma risks.


Wildfire smoke poses health risks due to toxic particulate matter. The detrimental effects were particularly pronounced in the case of east coast residents exposed to the Canadian wildfire smoke penetrating their homes. Severe exposure led to distressing symptoms like belabored breathing, asthma attacks, respiratory distress, disrupted sleep, throat irritation, and eye itching.


The C2 CMC platform was implemented in the home on the morning of June 8, 2023, to combat the hazardous levels of indoor air pollution with high-density bipolar ionization. Within 2 hours, AQI (Air Quality Index) levels were reduced by 86.6%, moving the environment from extreme red to green. Consequently, the platform provided relief from the severe symptoms associated with the wildfires.

Market Served

Residential - Home Owner


Space Type

Single-Family Home, living, dining, kitchen, 2.5 bath, home office, and 4 bedrooms.

Space Size

Two-story, 2,600-square-foot residence

Real Results

  • The installation process was quick and straightforward, and the people setting it up were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable.
  • In about 2 hours, the C2 system reduced the worst smoke problem we have ever experienced.
  • Asthma and anxiety were resolved almost immediately. No more coughing and struggling to breathe. The smoke in our house was gone, and we could monitor our home and watch it work on the spot. 
  • While outside, the air was filled with smoke from the immense forest fires; it was nice to know that the inside of our home was safe.

Before C2

The PM10 level was 149

The PM2.5 level was 139




Throat irritation

With C2

The PM10 level fell to 24

The PM2.5 level fell to 23

Purified air

Easy breathing

Clear thinking

Healthy energy & function

At precisely 11:15 am, the home attained the esteemed HiPure™ status, signifying a remarkable achievement as PM10 levels plummeted below 50, effectively eliminating all smoke particles from the air in approximately two hours. As time progressed, the PM10 levels continued to steadily decrease, ensuring an exceptional and unparalleled level of air quality within the confines of the home.

When the wildfire smoke engulfed our community and permeated our home with dangerous levels of smoke and ash, I implemented the C2 system. Within a few hours, our air pollution levels went from bright red and hazardous to green and safe. Our family, prone to asthma, stopped wheezing and coughing. Thank you, C2, for aiding us during the most demanding of times!

Julie T., Morris County, NJ.