Nothing's more vital to human life than the air we breathe.

Which is why C2 has developed a comprehensive approach to creating air that meets a higher standard of purity. That's what happens when you blaze your own path instead of following one that's compromised by tired thinking and legacy tech. We call it pure air performance. The world will call it life-changing.

Welcome to the new era of air.

We care about your air.

C2 Pure Air Performance addresses our most vital physiological, sociological, and psychological needs.  Thanks in large part to our inside-out technology.  Unlike conventional stand-alone filtration and ventilation systems, our approach incorporates an active response to health and wellness threats.  Thanks to our high-density, ion-enriched, pathogen-fighting capabilities,  we can actually improve the quality of human life.  In other words, our platform empowers you to create and continuously verify and certify a new standard of purity – HiPure.™  And the incredible health and wellness benefits of a C2 HiPure™ environment are almost too numerous to mention.

Breathe In Life

  • Cognitive focus and clarity
  • Boosted productivity
  • Stronger mental health 
  • Improved respiratory function
  • Reduced infection and illness
  • Reduced allergies
  • Improved sleep
  • Better energy and mood

Air is vital.

We run on air.

Watch this brief, three-minute video that offers a glimpse into C2’s approach to assuring premium quality indoor air. Discover firsthand how we’re transforming indoor air environments and setting a new standard for next-level pure air performance.

Go ahead, breathe it in. 

Hyperdrive your environment with the C2 CMC Platform

Our Comprehensive, Dynamic, and Intelligent Indoor Air Performance Platform



We rapidly assess your space, make the necessary calculations for optimal ion density, and implement the C2 CMC platform to create and maintain incredible mountain fresh air inside your building or home. As a result, C2 AQaaS™ enables businesses and residents to enjoy a fresher, optimized breathing experience where people can thrive and flourish.



We continuously measure, analyze, compare, and display your indoor air quality results against the C2 HiPure™ standard.  For comparative insights, air quality results can also be compared to other established international indoor air quality standards.  And here’s the best part: Not only does historical, trending, and real-time data intelligence allow you to see your progress, it allows you to  share it with others.



By knowing how your indoor air quality performance compares to international air quality standards specific to your facility type, we’re able to deliver valuable assurance and insight. That’s what makes our C2 HiPure™ certification so useful.  In addition to providing the aforementioned insight, it also indicates the specific level of air purity you’ve been able to achieve. Which, more often than not, is cause for celebration.

High Density Performance
In combination with other processes, C2 offers its end-to-end proprietary service utilizing HD/BPI™ to create exceptionally pure indoor air environments.

Creating mountain-quality pure air is more than just air purification.

In fact, way more. With C2 Air Quality as a Service (AQaaS™), we assess, design, and provide you with all the equipment required to create and maintain incredible forest-fresh air inside your home and office.  C2 AQaaS™ creates indoor environments that deliver the confidence and quality of life that we all are meant to experience at home, at work, and at play.

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Measure Indoor Air Quality
The C2 comprehensive monitoring system leverages advanced sensors to constantly measure a spectrum of contaminates and environmental factors that contribute to overall human wellness and performance.  And for conditions that are even more favorable to improved wellness,  we deliver data-driven alerts to guide additional actions.

Measuring exceptional air quality requires dynamic, multi-dimensional insights.

With the C2 Air Quality as a Service (AQaaS™) platform, we measure your air quality 1,440 times per day. Which means once every minute, we measure, analyze, and compare your indoor air quality against established recommendations and standards. C2 then stores the data in the cloud to produce powerful intelligence for users to understand current and historical air quality trends within their occupied environments.

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Certified Mountain-Quality Air. That's What Your Environment Deserves.

A C2 Certified HiPure™ space makes it easier for you to thrive and flourish. By using nature’s method to fortify mental and physical health, life can be enjoyed, not just endured.  Just imagine what it would be like to experience less eye irritation, sneezing, coughing, sluggishness, drowsiness, anxiety, depression, infection, and illness.  And consider how much better life would be with greater mental clarity, productivity and energy.

C2 HiPure™ environments perform at a different level. In fact, our advanced metrics and intelligence display data that proves it.  The real trick, though, is understanding how all of those complicated metrics reflect the air quality of your space.  But that’s the beauty of C2.  By providing comparative insights into international indoor air quality guidelines,  we can actually certify that your space meets all the requirements of our elite C2 HiPure™ standard, which should be enough to make anyone breathe a little easier.

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Air Quality as a Service (AQaaS)

C2 delivers our comprehensive and dynamic self-improving indoor air quality service to commercial and residential spaces through AQaaS.

  • Professional installation
  • Lifetime warranty on all equipment
  • Lifetime maintenance on all equipment
  • Advanced air quality intelligence
  • Dynamic 24/7/365 IAQ monitoring & alerting 
  • Monthly C2 HiPure™ certification
  • App and web-based reporting 
  • C2 Affiliate Program enrollment
  • Virtual advisory
  • Customer success line
  • Affordable monthly service fee
  • Transferrable to new locations or residences

We were amazed at how simple and affordable it was to implement the C2 service to further our commitment to our customers and employees to optimize the experience while in our facilities.

Bill Nehmer, CEO of Great Dane of Utah