Assisted Living Solutions

Assisted Living Solution

The Problem

The post-pandemic world has undoubtedly left many feeling vulnerable, isolated, and apprehensive about potential health risks. This concern is particularly amplified within assisted living facilities, where respiratory illnesses pose a significant threat. It's natural to feel this way, considering the air we breathe is a thousand times more likely to transmit viruses than surface contact.


Our Solution

C2 is committed to ensuring everyone can 'Breathe in Life' by safeguarding the essential resource of air. Our assisted living facilities prioritize the well-being of cherished residents and employees, fostering longevity, mental acuity, physical health, and community. With continuous monitoring and enrichment of airspace, loved ones can trust that vital air is actively maintained around the clock. We strive to transform the breathing experience, addressing invisible threats in indoor air spaces to safeguard human health. We aim to provide a safe, thriving environment where family members and residents can flourish with ultra-purified air.


Differentiate your facility

  • Develop a marketing edge with a demonstrable breathing experience superior to conventional air
  • Deliver enriched living conditions to prospective residents
  • Eliminate common assisted-living odors stemming from incontinence and other contributing factors
  • Attract more discerning clientele sensitive to ambient conditions

Improve occupant health

  • Enhance cognitive function within C2 HiPure™ environments
  • Remove airborne particulate that causes asthma and allergic reactions resulting in better sleep and physical strength
  • Actively eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria within rooms and facilities
  • Eliminate Sick Building Syndrome

Foster vitality and community

  • Make a powerful statement by investing in resident and employee health
  • Attract clientele that desires superior care and strong community enablement
  • Establish “Quality of Life” as a company value
  • Improve ESG posture related to occupational health and safety, and Indoor Environmental Quality

Give the gift of assurance and longevity

With C2, assisted living facilities are empowered to break down walls of fear and uncertainty that cause distance, division, and depression among occupants. Address the cause of these concerns, the airspace, and bring visibility to the air quality being created in real-time within your building so that residents and employees can experience a boost of confidence that they will enjoy healthier, happier, and longer lives together within their daily environments.

Elevate your facility as a “Quality of Life” provider

Air is your resident’s most vital physiological need. But many other assisted living facilities take for granted that the air they provide their residents is life-giving when in reality they have no way of knowing. Elevate your facility in the public eye by investing in a resource that is proven to improve people’s quality of life by improving residents’ sleep, moods, cognitive function, physical strength, productivity, mental health, and longevity. Attract residents who place a high priority on the quality of their years over quantity.

Eliminate stale air and odors

Stale, unpleasant air destroys the atmosphere within any building. But on the other hand, forest-fresh air invigorates the occupants of HiPure™ environments, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for your residents, guests, and employees. People will breathe deep and breathe easy while enjoying the enriched air that actively eliminates any stale air and odors within your space. With C2, you can ensure your facility smells fresh, crisp, and rejuvenating for everyone in it.

Getting Started Is Easy

Air Quality as a Service (AQaaS) – C2 delivers our comprehensive and dynamic self-improving indoor air quality service to commercial and residential spaces.

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