About Us

About us

We believe nothing's more vital to human life than the air we breathe.

This is why we passionately developed a comprehensive approach we call the CMC platform that creates, measures, and certifies the air you breathe, dynamically meeting a higher standard of air quality purity, made accessible to everyone through our AQaaS solution.  That's what happens when you step out and blaze your path instead of following the status quo, traditional thinking, and legacy tech.  We call it pure air performance.  The world will call it life-changing.

C2. Welcome to the new era of air.

Our Mission:

Transform the entire breathing experience.

Enhance the quality of life. Empower individuals and communities to have awareness and confidence in the air they breathe through our brand, and to create HiPure™ Certified Environments that can result in maximized longevity, cognitive performance, and protect against invisible health threats.

Our Vision:

To breathe life into the human experience by delivering dynamically perfected air – for everyone.

Our Story

Nothing is more vital than the air we breathe: Our Unyielding Commitment to HiPure™ Air.

Air.  It’s the life force that sustains us, a force often overlooked and taken for granted.  We exhale into it, replenishing our bodies with its precious oxygen and nitrogen, assuming it to be pure and untainted.  But with the relentless march of progress, innovation, and modern technologies, our air has been infiltrated by an array of vexing and unseen threats.  We are exposed and vulnerable to toxic chemicals, gases, pathogens, fine particulate matter, molds, mildew, and odors.  Silently, these insidious elements poison our environment and compromise our well-being.

For far too long, we have resigned ourselves to these hazardous components, accepting them as an inevitable part of our daily lives.  However, the consequences are dire.  Each day, we unwittingly inhale particles that infiltrate our lungs over 22,000 times, leading to respiratory ailments, exacerbating asthma, and even paving the way for cancers and other bloodborne illnesses.  New data has revealed a disturbing connection between ambient air quality and mental health.

The world we inhabit gradually erodes our lifespans, burdening us with exorbitant medical expenses and stealing our quality of life.

At C2, we recognize the urgency of reclaiming our air and shielding our loved ones from the invisible dangers surrounding us.  We are unwavering in our commitment to providing an all-encompassing solution that ensures safe breathing spaces, whether within the sanctuary of your home or within the confines of your workplace.  This is an issue of pressing importance that demands our immediate attention.

We're devoted to providing safe, enriching environments for your well-being. Clean, pure air boosts health and cognition. With honesty and unwavering commitment, we create HiPure spaces where you can flourish.

While the global effort to reduce our carbon footprint is commendable, we firmly believe that safeguarding the air we breathe must take precedence.  Our mental well-being and overall health depend on it.  Our children, grandchildren, and families deserve protection from harmful air contaminants.  It begins with taking decisive action within our homes, workplaces, hotels, and any space where people gather, unwind, and connect.  Those entrusted with the responsibility for these spaces bear a moral and ethical obligation to address the air quality they provide, as it directly affects our cognitive wellness and performance.

Our solution is not merely a luxury; it’s a vital component of livable spaces.  Just as you wouldn’t purchase a home without water, you should never settle for inhabiting a room that is anything less than HiPure™ in quality.

We provide the conduit to create safe work, live, and play environments where the air you inhale is clean, pure, and free from harmful contaminants.

Join us as we embark on this critical mission to transform spaces into sanctuaries of pristine air for people.  Together, we have the power to make an indelible difference in the lives of countless individuals, ensuring a healthier future for generations to come.

Let’s build a world where safe breathing is not an afterthought but a fundamental right.  This goal is within our reach, attainable, achievable, and accessible to all.

C2 is the new era of air.

Kirk Langston

Our Leadership