Education Solutions

C2 Achieves 99.998% COVID-19 Protection Without School Closures or Shutdowns. Boosts Cognitive Performance. Get Premium Air Purification Without Costly Ventilation Renovation.

Education Solutions

The Problem

Airborne transmission surpasses surface contact by 1000x in viral spread, such as COVID-19. Most cases, educational and academic are 4X higher and more susceptible than commercial buildings. Education institutions are challenged to prioritize indoor air quality for the well-being of students and staff. Bad air affects learning, health, and attendance due to respiratory issues like asthma triggered by pollutants like particulate matter (PM) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Subpar air quality is directly linked to reduced cognitive function, focus, and productivity. Schools, with higher occupancy than commercial buildings, now demand constant air purification. Replacing costly legacy ventilation is expensive and very time-consuming.


Our Solution

C2 ensures 99.998% protection from COVID-19 and viruses while creating HiPure environments for heightened cognitive performance. It's the exclusive inside-out solution that creates, measures, and certifies HiPure™ indoor air quality. With active monitoring and reliable data, it significantly enhances indoor air quality without requiring extensive investments or time-consuming renovations of older ventilation systems. HiPure™ purifies environments that amplify cognitive function, focus, health, and well-being, offering safer learning spaces. Schools and universities can capitalize on federal funding to improve indoor air quality, combat chronic absenteeism, address sick building issues, and promote cognitive performance for all. C2 delivers pure air performance.


Elevate public and stakeholder confidence.

With C2, schools, districts, and universities are empowered with a stronger environmental, social, and governance (ESG) posture and align to the US Department of Education’s top priority to improve the health and safety of students, personnel, and families as part of the pandemic response and recovery efforts by ensuring the air within school facilities is continuously purified without breaking the bank. A strategic investment in Air Quality as a Service (AQaaS) is an affordable way to create HiPure™ learning environments. Schools can empirically prove environmental safety to encourage social re-engagement and boost emotional and mental health factors scientifically proven within ultra-pure air environments, such as elevated levels of cognition, mood enhancement, energy, and physical strength.

Create a differentiated learning and teaching experience.

With C2, scholastic organizations can reduce student and teacher psychological anxiety levels and deliver peace of mind to confidently improve the learning and teaching experience. Replicate the forest effect by enriching the air with disease and illness-fighting ions that react quickly to neutralize contaminants when introduced into the environment. Capitalize on improving student and teacher performance, energy, moods, and cognitive clarity that are magnified in HiPure™ environments. Ease parental concerns, improve reviews, and reduce factors contributing to student and teacher absenteeism and sick building syndrome.

Discover a new method of constituent engagement.

With C2, scholastic organizations can leverage their investment in ultra-pure air quality as a means of constituent engagement on multiple levels. Drive student and parent awareness of indoor air quality measures and encourage them to notice a different breathing experience, to relax and breathe easily while participating in the learning experience. Schools can display real-time information highlighting the purified environment publicly online. Real-time and date-configurable reporting on the viral index can help schools to enable visibility into the conditions within classrooms and other facility spaces. Finally, for those educational facilities that achieve HiPure certification success, displaying the HiPure™ Certified Environment seal can be an added measure of driving awareness of the organization’s commitment to occupant health and safety.

Improved Student Performance

  • Leverage the C2 HiPure™ environment to boost student energy levels.
  • Enhance the cognitive and physical performance of students & staff.
  • Contribute to better moods and mental health.

Student and Teacher Safety

  • Reduce student and teacher absenteeism by reducing airborne threats
  • Hedge viral transmission risk within serviced airspaces
  • Eliminate fine particulate matter that causes systemic long-term health risk

Federal Funding Availability

  • Opportunistic ESSER II & ESSER III funding specifically set aside for air purification.
  • C2 can help you secure this funding!
  • Leverage EANS and CRRSA programs set aside to create healthier environments.

Getting Started Is Easy

Air Quality as a Service (AQaaS) – C2 delivers our comprehensive and dynamic self-improving indoor air quality service to commercial and residential spaces.

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