Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solution

The Problem

Indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns in healthcare environments are of paramount importance and present a myriad of challenges. These encompass the crucial task of effectively controlling the spread of healthcare associated infections (HAIs) stemming airborne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, along with the need to address allergens and chemical contaminants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Additionally, reducing the presence of particulate matter, ensuring adequate ventilation, preventing the growth of mold, managing odors, and fostering an environment of comfort and well-being are vital components of healthcare indoor air quality endeavors.

The implications of these IAQ concerns extend far beyond mere inconveniences, as they profoundly impact patient health, healthcare worker safety, and infection control protocols. Healthcare facilities can minimize the risks associated with the transmission of airborne pathogens to safeguard the well-being of patients, promote a secure environment for healthcare workers, and bolster the overall effectiveness of infection control measures.


Our Solution

C2 offers advanced air purification designed for diverse segments within the healthcare industry that play critical roles in delivering medical services and patient care. Our approach centers around the CMC platform, a holistic system that actively treats indoor air from within, ensuring a more purified environment. Our commitment to dynamic, continuous air quality monitoring is embodied in our AQaaS (Air Quality as a Service) solution, providing round-the-clock assurance.

Healthcare facilities face unique challenges when it comes to air quality, particularly in critical healthcare environments where infection prevention, control, and response are crucial to lowering the overall exposure risk of patients, guests, and employees. The CMC platform and AQaaS approach is specifically tailored to address these complexities, enabling all healthcare facilities to enhance air quality within their premises effectively. We understand the importance of instilling confidence and assurance in indoor environmental quality, allowing patients to focus on their recovery with peace of mind.

Mountain-quality air is ion-rich. C2 enriches anemic indoor healthcare spaces with a continuous supply of oxygen ions that actively bind up and inactivate harmful contaminants in the air, such as viruses, bacteria, fine particulate matter, mold, fungi, spores, allergens, dander, and smoke, rendering them harmless and removing them from the airspace. C2 improves your ability to reduce viral transmission risk and hospital associated infections.


Improve Health And Eliminate Airborne Viruses

  • Enhance cognitive function within C2 HiPure™ environments
  • Remove airborne particulates that cause asthma and allergic reactions resulting in better sleep and physical strength of patients
  • Actively eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria within rooms and facilities

Boost team member and building efficiency

  • Boost employee productivity by up to 9% from enhanced cognitive performance
  • Reduce HVAC energy consumption by as much as 30%
  • Reduce sick building syndrome conditions

Protect your most important assets - your people

  • Make a powerful statement by investing in employee and guest health
  • Improve indoor environmental quality, occupational health and safety, and ESG posture
  • Reduce absenteeism and maximize employee vitality

Optimal Healthcare Facility Performance

We rapidly assess your space, design for optimal ion density, and implement the C2 CMC platform to create and maintain incredible fresh mountain air inside your building. C2 AQaaS™ enables healthcare facilities to deliver an elevated occupant experience, helping those working, recovering, or residing within their buildings to flourish together as a result of the enriched airspace.

Continuous Air Quality Monitoring

The C2 CMC platform continuously measures, analyzes, compares, and displays your indoor air quality results against established international indoor air quality standards. Historical, trending, and real-time data intelligence allows your facility to see your progress and to share this information with residents, guests, and employees if desired.

Give the gift of assurance.

We reduce the complexity of knowing how your indoor air quality metrics and variables match up against international standards specific to your facility type and, importantly, celebrate your ultra-high pure air environment through the C2 HiPure™ certification indicating exceptional levels of air purity.

Getting Started Is Easy

Air Quality as a Service (AQaaS) – C2 delivers our comprehensive and dynamic self-improving indoor air quality service to commercial and residential spaces.

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Indoor air quality has never been as crucial as it is now, particularly in the context of infection control and the reduction of Hospital-Associated Infections (HAIs). Maintaining a safe and healthy environment is essential to protecting patients and healthcare workers. Organizations that provide clean and purified air underscores their dedication to the highest standards of patient care and safety.

Meyer Greenbaum, CEO, Cutting Edge HC, Inc.